Heatscope FAQ

Can I cover my HEATSCOPEĀ® heater?

No, never cover the appliance nor enclose it with insulating or similar materials. Adequate ventilation surrounding the heater must be ensured at all times.

What heating accessories are available?

We have a range ofĀ optional accessoriesĀ to help you achieve your project needs. The Dual WiFi Smart Switch allows you to connect the heater to a smartphone or tablet. The Zigbee Wireless Switch (Remote Control) and Zigbee Motion Sensor provide excellent range, and all these accessories will work anywhere in your home when WiFi is available. We also offer a weather shield to help protect your appliance from outdoor elements if they are not under cover. Please visit our website for more details on the available accessories.

How many amperes does HEATSCOPEĀ® radiant heaters draw?

  • Spot ā€“ 12.17 amps at 100% power
  • Vision ā€“ 13.91 amps at 100% power
  • Pure ā€“ 13.04 amps at 100% power

Whatā€™s the advantage of installing a WiFi switch?

If you choose the optional wall switch with WiFi connectivity, then you can use your smartphone to turn the HEATSCOPEĀ® on or off. Itā€™s a simple and efficient solution, making outdoor heating easier and more comfortable.

Can they be installed in residential and commercial environments?

Yes, HEATSCOPEĀ® heaters are designed to be installed in both residential and commercial spaces.

Are HEATSCOPEĀ® heaters supplied with a plug?

No, they are supplied with a power cable and must be hard wired to the electrical circuit.

Can my radiant heater be installed near a power outlet?

The heater must not be installed directly below a power source/socket, and the sides of the unit must be at least 20cm from the nearest power source. For further details, please refer to the installation manual.

Can I install the HEATSCOPEĀ® heater in my bathroom?

The heater must not be installed in rooms where there is high humidity (bathroom, spa, etc) or in close vicinity to bathtubs, showers or pools.

Can all HEATSCOPEĀ® heaters be mounted on the wall or ceiling?

Yes. All models are supplied with a bracket for wall or ceiling mounting.

Is the heat output adjustable?

HEATSCOPEĀ® radiant heaters have two options to adjust to your heating needs: 100% and 50%. You can adjust the setting from your wall switch, remote control or smartphone.

What is the minimum height clearance required?

The lower edge of the heater must be at least 1800mm from the ground for wall mounted installations, and 2000mm for ceiling mounted.

Can HEATSCOPEĀ® heaters be mounted directly on a wooden structure?

HEATSCOPEĀ® infrared heaters are supplied with optional mounting accessories such as extension rods. When used, it is safe to mount the appliance to the wood supporting structure as it provides the minimum clearance from combustible materials.

Do you have a recommended installer?

Not at the moment, you can contact a licensed electrician in your area, and they will provide you with a quote to install your HEATSCOPEĀ® Heater.

How do I clean my HEATSCOPEĀ® heater?

To clean the appliance, you will need to disconnect the radiant heater from the power supply at least 1 hour after operation. Make sure the heating elements are not glowing anymore before you do this. To wipe off any dirt or dust to the exterior housing, only use a soft damp cloth.

How do I replace the carbon element fibres of my HEATSCOPEĀ® heater?

Changing the carbon fibre elements of the HEATSCOPEĀ® heater must not be done by yourself. You will need to engage a licensed electrician to perform the service.

How long is the warranty period?

All HEATSCOPEĀ® products are covered by a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. Please see our Manufacturerā€™s Warranty statement for further details.

Is there any heat loss with infrared radiant heaters?

There is hardly any heat loss, unlike with conventional electric heaters and gas patio heaters. In fact they are very economical and will produce maximum heat output in less than 60 seconds.

Can I return my product without the original box and accessories?

In order to be fully covered under warranty, the product must be returned in its original packaging with accessories. If any items are missing, or if replacement packaging must be provided, the associated costs will be deducted from the credit or refund.

Can HEATSCOPEĀ® infrared heaters be mounted directly on a wooden structure?

HEATSCOPEĀ® infrared heaters are supplied with optional mounting accessories such as extension rods. When used, it is safe to mount the appliance to the wood supporting structure as it provides the minimum clearance from combustible materials.

What is infrared radiant heating technology?

Itā€™s a natural and efficient form of heating where the appliance radiates electromagnetic waves uniformly like sunbeams, providing a pleasant and targeted warmth to the surfaces of objects and people within the space.

Is the radiation emitted by electric infrared heaters dangerous?

No,Ā The heatersĀ produce a soothing red glow which is less aggressive than red light used in conventional heaters.

What type of heating waves does a HEATSCOPEĀ® radiant heater produce?

HEATSCOPEĀ® heaters work in the medium wavelength producing a very pleasant warmth and barely any perceptible light - especially withĀ PureĀ andĀ VisionĀ models. TheĀ SpotĀ model works with the fast medium wave, this means it will heat quicker and with a touch of more light. Itā€™s the best option for outdoor spaces where there is more movement of air.

What type of infrared waves are produced by other heaters available in the market?

Other infrared heaters work with short waves, and produce heavy red light with an unnatural, uncomfortable heat.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email including a copy of your invoice and tracking information. Please follow the instructions within the email to track your order.

Whatā€™s the main advantages of HEATSCOPEĀ® heaters compared to gas powered appliances?

HEATSCOPEĀ® heaters are simpler to install, giving you more freedom and flexibility in designing your outdoor space. The HEATSCOPEĀ® range doesnā€™t require a gas connection, they donā€™t produce harmful emissions, and you wonā€™t have issues with ignition, gas pressure, or hoses which can kink or crush over time. They are smarter and greener appliances with the latest in design and technology, providing you with a whole new level of comfort and peace of mind for many years to come.

Why is HEATSCOPEĀ® heater better than other outdoor electric heaters?

All HEATSCOPEĀ® heaters are manufactured in Germany with state-of-the-art technology, and they combine the best in design and heating efficiency. The warmth you feel from a HEATSCOPEĀ®Ā radiant heaterĀ is much more comfortable and less harsh on your skin due to the reduced light. This means your home is using a greener and smarter heater with guaranteed quality for years to come.

Why are carbon fibres better than other heating elements?

The carbon fibre elements used on HEATSCOPEĀ® heaters have a lifespan of at least 10,000 operating hours - this is much longer to tungsten, halogen light tubes or quartz elements used in other heating systems. Also they produce immediate and comfortable heat when and where you need it.

Where is the power cable of the infrared heater located?

For Vision and Spot models, the power cable is located on the side of the appliance. Pure is equipped with a cable latch for ease of installation.

How do you turn the heater on?

Your HEATSCOPEĀ® radiant heater needs to be connected to an electrical circuit. It can then be turned on via a wall switch, a remote control or a smartphone. Please check ourĀ optional accessoriesĀ available.

Is a remote control included?

The remote control is optional for all models and it works via WiFi. Internet connection is required, plus the Dual Wifi Smart Switch and Zigbee Bridge (optional accessories).

How does the remote control work?

The remote control has 2 buttons so you can choose to turn on/off each carbon heating element individually for 50% or 100% heat. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone or tablet as remote control via the eWeLink app.