Here’s Why You Should Invest in A Media Wall Electric Fireplace

Read about the top 5 benefits of having a media wall electric fireplace and why you should highly consider investing in one

A feature wall with a fireplace and TV sounds like a very expensive thing to have, but this can’t be further from the truth. Media wall electric fireplaces are rather affordable and low-cost maintenance, which is great for people who want to add a nice luxurious touch to their homes without having to spend a lot of money.


Not only do electric fireplaces look incredible in any room you install them but they are also a great investment to add value to your home and stay safe from potential fires and sickness from smoke inhalation (as well as other toxic chemicals that real fireplaces emit).


If you want to know more about media wall electric fireplaces and why they are something you should highly consider investing in, this article breaks down the top 5 benefits of having a fireplace and TV wall, including important topics such as costs, maintenance, installation process and everything in between.



1. Upgrade Your Home

Media Wall with Fireplace- TV fetaure wall with fireplace

A media wall with fireplace is a great way to upgrade your home and redesign your space without having to completely change the look of your living room or bedroom (or any other place you’d like your fireplace and TV wall to be).


Unlike most people might think, having an electric fireplace and TV on the same wall is not something just for the rich thus they are very affordable and nice-looking options that you can invest in and have the media wall fire of your dreams. Further, a feature wall with a fireplace and TV is actually way easier and cheaper to install than a traditional fireplace, in case you’re wondering why the fuss about them.



2. Save Money

Just like we said in the previous point, a media wall electric fireplace is cheaper than having to install and maintain a real fireplace, which can cost you a lot of money over time. When you purchase an electric fireplace with a TV on the same wall you are guaranteed a one-time investment.


What’s more, electric fireplaces are safer than real ones thus they do not create smoke and because there is not an actual flame, no toxic chemicals will be in your home, as well as the risk of burns or fire is basically nonexistent.



3. Make The Most Out Of Your Space

Media Wall with Fireplace- TV fetaure wall with fireplace

You’d be surprised how little space a fireplace and TV wall occupies, which is great for every home, regardless of whether they have a lot of free space or just a tiny part in a specific room. Media wall electric fireplaces come in different sizes and are significantly smaller than regular fireplaces.


Furthermore, the installation process is very simple and most media walls can be installed within an hour. Can traditional fireplaces be installed in the same time span? Absolutely no. But what amazes even more about media wall fireplaces is the ability to control the fire with the simple touch of a button and at any time you want. You can forget about having to light up logs and deal with the tedious smoke and burning smells.


4. Unique Design

There’s no one-media-wall-electric-fireplace-fits-all type of media wall, but instead, there are plenty of designs and measures available for you to choose from, based on your TV size and what you'd want your room to look like.


If you love to have people over and entertain, then a media wall electric fireplace is definitely a thing you should have in your home. And if you’re more the chill at home kind of person, this is still a great and wise investment to do this you’ll feel extremely comfortable and relaxed any time.



5. Increase Home Value

An electric fireplace and tv on the same wall can significantly increase the value of your home if you’re remodelling to sell it or want to invest in something and later gain back your money.


Not only will a media wall electric fireplace look great in your home, but it can help you increase the total value of it in a few years. This special feature is always looked for by owners and potential buyers, so it is definitely something highly advisable to consider investing in.


Furthermore, if you install a media wall electric fireplace you are guaranteed low-cost maintenance (for you and the person that might purchase your home) and a heated environment at a very affordable price, which is an outstanding asset to have around.



The Bottom Line

Investing in a media wall with a fireplace is one of the best additions to your home you can have. This article highlighted the top 5 benefits of having an electric fireplace and TV on the same wall which include upgrading the look of your house, saving money in the long run, making the most out of your space, having a unique design, and increasing your home value.


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